Cummins KTA38

The Cummins KTA38 is among the most dependable of these generators and can be relied upon wherever they are deployed. The Cummins KTA38 is capable of providing continuous, standby, and prime power.

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Product Description

The Cummins KTA38 diesel generator is a commercial diesel generator set that provides your business with a fully integrated power generation system. The Cummins KTA38 works for continuous duty, stationary standby, and prime power applications. It has many features that make it a standout and a great solution for your power needs.

Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG):  This provides increased motor starting capacity to your KTA38.

Cummins Heavy-Duty Engine:  The 4-cycle diesel industrial engine that comes with the Cummins KTA38 diesel generator responds quickly to load changes, has very low emissions, and can be relied upon to deliver power.

Alternator selection:  There are several sizes to choose from for variable motor starting capability when you purchase a Cummins KTA38 generator.

Cooling System:  The cooling system of the Cummins KTA38 is an especially advanced piece of equipment. It comes standard with an integral set-mounted radiator system, and makes placing the generator easier due to its efficiency.

PowerCommand Control System:  The PCC2100 control system provides unparalleled data about the functioning of your Cummins KTA38 generator. It can be configured in a variety of ways based on frequency, power connection configuration, and voltage. It features AmpSentry protection, a battery monitoring system, digital voltage regulation, and more.

Additional Features:

The Cummins KTA38 generator is available with sound-attenuated and weather-protective enclosures.



1132kVA – 1250kVA 50Hz

1020kW 60Hz

Genset Performance Class is ISO8528

Voltage Regulation, No Load to Full Load is +/− 1%

Random Voltage Variation is +/− 1%

Frequency Regulation is Isochronous

Random Frequency Variation is +/− 0.25%

EMC Compatibility is IEC 801.2 through IEC 801.5; MIL STD 461C, Part 9

Use Cases:

The Cummins KTA38 generator is the generator of choice for organizations from retail businesses, hospitals, banking, government, telecom, data centers, and more.