Job Description

The overall objective of this position is to align, fit, and weld fabricated sheet metal parts of our products per drawing specifications, and insure accuracy and compliance with quality standards. Apply technical knowledge to review engineering drawings and determine requirements and specifications needed for the fabrication of sheet metal structures of our product. Follow blueprints and layout specifications to position, align and fit parts for quality and efficient welding Set up welding machines with the proper wire speed to produce a quality weld for different materials and thicknesses. Weld in flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead positions and then examine the welds for quality specifications, including proper bead sizes. Clean welds using hand scrappers, grinders and sanders as required to prepare surfaces for painting. Proficiently operate a cutting torch, bank saw, ironworker, grinder and other fabrication equipment. Maintain a safe, clean well organized work area. Manually apply a filler rod to weld stainless and aluminum. Clean stainless and aluminum weld joints using wire brush portable grinders or chemical baths. Ensure quality and efficiency by completing the job task faster than estimated hours. Serve as a mentor by coaching 2nd and 3rd Class Welders


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